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RealProducer Plus

With Real Producer Plus you can get RealMedia format easily and quickly
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RealProducer Plus allows creating files in RealAudio and RealVideo formats encoding them from AVI, WAV, MPEG, MOV, AU, AIFF formats. You can publish them per Internet in audio and video streaming mode. Thanks to the easy and intuitive interface the program doesn’t demand special studying. Moreover, with the help of this program you can read video sequence in AVI and QuickTime formats as well as digitize external video clips from TV Tuner or video camera. Working on the video files as well as video sequence capture is carried out by means of Wizard. This mode is highly recommended for beginners as it facilitates their work. While encoding a file you should set the number of the audiences. Audience defines the bit rate of your file and the file size and quality, if you encode the file to download. You can also choose between VCR and VBR. When encoding a file RealProducer Plus encodes the file information as well as title, author and copyright. You can also add your information manually. Furthermore, RealProducer Plus offers editing possibilities. You can change the length of your movie cutting off its parts or separate your file from noise using Video Filters, more advanced editing functions are not displayed in the program.

Anna Kovalysheva
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  • The encoding process doesn't take a lot of time and efforts.
  • There is the possibility to choose the number of the audiences


  • It is a commercial program.
  • There are no advanced editing functions.
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